ENVISION Practice Consultants (EPC) brings all the major components of the RevitaliZeTM full arch-hybrid dental implant technique under one roof.

The EnvisionTM Implant Continuum will place an emphasis on full-arch restorations, live patient surgeries with chair side restorations and hands-on support from “Consultation to Restoration.”

Our nationally-recognized oral surgeons and dental practitioners hold regular training and lecture series on the full-arch hybrid implant technique, and our dental practitioners become Envision-certified after just 12 weeks of lecture and chair-side training.

If you are looking to become Envision-certified and join our network of full-arch hybrid certified dentists, please contact us today or download our guide to Envision-certification today!

Patient Testimonials:


“I had a lot of fears—horrible problems that started in High School—like having fillings without enough Novocain and several failed root canals. I did a lot of research and looked on-line at the options.

Photo of patient’s mouth before EnvisionTM program.

I heard about MyCenters and was really inspired by reading the EnvisionTM RevitaliZe process. It was—for me—just like finding a miracle.

To be really honest, my first instinct was to run—I was terrified and cried like a baby! The surgery coordinator stayed with me, put me at ease, and introduced me to Dr. Kapitan. I started crying again when I met him, but after talking with him, I felt confident, happy and really well prepared. Dr. Kapitan set the stage and I knew what to expect, and everything went the way it was supposed to. He is my hero! Now I smile all the time. I’ve joined a gym, lost weight and take better care of myself overall. My husband and I are taking a cruise in 2015 and—trust me—I will be popping myself in front of every photographer around! If someone has questions about having this done—I would say DO NOT put it off. Go talk to them. I would absolutely do it again.”

Photo of patient’s mouth after EnvisionTM program.


I encourage anyone in my type of situation to just sit down and talk about this with the doctors at MyCenters.

“Enjoying a steak dinner is absolutely number one with me! Before EnvisionTM—I would literally go without eating rather than dine in public. NOW it is different. It took me a couple of days to really let my jaw and muscles go all the way to a grin—but now I smile everywhere I go. I went to Texas Roadhouse with some friends and ordered a T-bone steak!

From the first meeting with Dr. Holt and Dr. Kapitan, I was completely at ease. They explain everything and they want you to ask questions and to be comfortable. I’m a mechanic, so I asked all kinds of questions. Loved that computer- aided diagram they use!

“I encourage anyone in my type of situation to just sit down and talk about this with the doctors at MyCenters.”

Regarding the expense—if you add up all the money you spend over time on problems with your teeth—it’s a lot of money and pain. I encourage anyone in my type of situation to just sit down and talk about this with the doctors at MyCenters. Now, I have no fear. This is a new day for me. That is what I thought—a NEW day and a NEW Jim.”



“Thanks so much for everything. Please thank the entire team again. Great to meet people who have passion for what they do. Never in my life have I seen so many good people in one place. —Be Blessed.”



“Last night I had dinner with a friend of mine. She had no idea I had surgery. While at dinner she kept telling me I had a glow. Finally, she said to me ‘I know what it is, you are smiling more now that you used to. I just laughed!!!

One just never knows how a smile can change one’s life. You have given me confidence I have not had in years. I truly had no idea those close to me noticed I was not smiling, I thought I was hiding it well.
From the bottom of my heart, you are truly my hero!!! I am blessed to work with such a caring man who wants to make such a difference in people’s lives.”

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